We got those really cool, legit-kind, of air fresheners that real car enthusiasts are using in their cars. Sold only at specialty auto shops, car washes, and car care centers.

Let's face it. You spend thousands of dollars fixing your car, buying new rims, body kits, spoilers, and everything to make it look super good, but when it comes to air fresheners, it's hard to find one good enough to be in your car!

All you find is the same old air fresheners that everybody else is using. You want something that looks good and doesn't look cheap - not the same exact kind that everybody else bought at their local Walmart!

You're better than this and your car deserves much better. You need something that looks good, smells good, and is cost effective.

Check out our collection of premium air fresheners that real car fans like you, have already been using in their cars for years now.

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You can find our products at aftermarket automotive shops, car washes, and other specialty automotive centers

Car Wash & Auto Detail Shops

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Auto Repair & Body Shops

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Car Audio and Security Shops

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As a business, one of the things you can do to diversify your income is to introduce a new line of products that will help boost your image and bring customers back for more. At Higante Works, we offer a variety of over 140 premium air fresheners that are not regularly found at your local grocery stores.

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