Not your typical old-school air fresheners you find at just any local grocery stores. We offer a wide variety of high-performance air fresheners that increases impulse sales and brings new customers to your shop. The choice of air fresheners by custom car enthusiasts

Your shoppers are willing to pay a premium for items they can’t buy elsewhere

As a business, one of the things you can do to diversify your revenue is to introduce a new line of products that will help boost your image and bring customers back for more.

Selling the exact same products your customers can easily find at your competitors and in most big-box retail stores can be difficult especially in incredibly competitive markets.

At Higante Works, we carry a large variety of high-performance air fresheners that your customers can't at just any local grocery stores or big-box retailers like Walmart, Target, Pep Boys, Autozone or any other retail stores in your area.

We carry top brands like My Shaldan, Treefrog, Diax, Rabbico, Air Tumbler, and other automotive accessories that are already proven best-sellers at custom automotive shops and other specialty car care auto shops.

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Best-Selling Products

Where Our Products Are Sold

Our products already have a large followers of car enthusiasts, not only in the United States but around the world.

You can find our products sold at custom automotive shops, full-service car washes, and other specialty automotive centers.

High-Performance Auto Shops

Custom Wheels & Tires Shops

Custom Car Wraps Shops

Custom Auto Graphics Shops

Custom Auto Paint & Body Shops

Custom Car Accessories Stores

Car Wash & Auto Detail Shops

Custom Audio & Security Shops

Custom Car Window Tint Shops

Custom Car Auto Parts Stores

Oil, Lube & Tune Shops

Auto Dealerships

or at your favorite car styling shop

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